Free Webinar: The Mysterious "Growth Windows" In Coca Cola, Cotton Futures, the British Pound AND MORE...

Presented By: Lan Turner

24 year Trading Veteran

In This Webinar You'll Discover

  • A set of mysterious price patters that have been repeating - every year - in major stocks, commodity futures AND forex pairs.
  • Why Williams Companies (WMB) has been up 9% on average between March 23rd and April 27th - every year since 2006
  • Why Coco Cola (KO) has been up an average of 3% over the same mysterious 14 day window dating back to 2007
  • Why Deer & Company (DE) has been up 9% on average over its 35 day "growth window" for the last 14 years
  • How do you identify and trade these hidden patterns? It is as easy as doing a Google search.